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Activities of the Patent Attorney's Office

Our work as attorneys focuses on:

  • Advice and representation as patent attorneys in German, European and international patent and trademark law (inventions, trademarks, designs, know-how, etc.)
  • Provision, maintenance and defence of all types of proprietary rights
  • Guidance in proprietary right infringement processes
  • Negation of proprietary rights by means of nullity and cancellation suits
  • Creation and protection of new product or company names
  • Drafting and preparation of licence, know-how and utilisation contracts
  • Construction of proprietary right strategies
  • Searches and expert opinions
  • Advice in law relating to inventions by employees

Our technical expertise encompasses the fields listed below:

  • Mechanical engineering, fine instrumentation
  • Electrical engineering, electronics, computer software
  • Automotive construction
  • Control, automation and measurement technology
  • Process technology, environmental technology
  • Medical technology
  • Micromechanics, semiconductor fabrication technology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Plastics technology
  • Physics
  • Mining, metallurgy
  • Processing of raw materials and recyclable materials
  • Vacuum technology